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Cross-Tie Walking

DSC_0002  A popular song of my youth was “King Of The Road” by the late Roger Miller. The song is about the life of a hobo or a man of the road or a King of the Road. These people were common during the depression era and beyond. They would often follow the train tracks moving from community to community.

Fox Squirrel on rail

Fox Squirrel on rail

I had a taste of this life style today as I walked from Applewold, Pennsylvania to within site of the new bridge south of the Ford City community. The three hour trek allowed observing many species of wildlife. Some of which were the over 20 fox and grey squirrels and Canada geese. I, also, saw a hen wood duck with about five to six babes following close behind her. I saw five deer. I watched one swim across a stretch of back water of the Allegheny River near the islands at Manorville, Pennsylvania.

I had hoped to see a bald eagle or an osprey, but the cards weren’t dealt in my favor.



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