History repeats itself continually and mankind seems hell-bent to not learn from past thinking and actions. This is especially accurate when one studies gun control practices of history. The very same parallels are occurring within America as to what happened in pre-World war ll years including the war’s end in 1945.

I have done a rather in depth study, I feel, of gun control in France during the above mentioned years. However, I am not going to write an in-depth study here on my blog site. My intent is to touch on various aspects of those times in a summarizing write-up.

NAZI Germany would invade France in May of 1940. (Despite what one may hear from the media the NAZI party was a socialist party.) World War ll had begun. The Germans referred to there tactics as the “blitzkrieg” or the lightning war. This tactic was a fast-moving invasion into another country in order to overwhelm the country into quick submission and it worked well for the German army. The French had their cement bunker wall known as the Maginot Line.  The Germans simply went around the miles of defense line. (The Maginot Line was a massive concrete fortification built as a defense line.)

Immediately, the Germans would place posters in the towns they overtook in France. These posters demanded the firearms of the individuals be surrendered to the authorities. Jail time to death could result from failure to comply.

Before moving along in this study, I am going to include some French history in the years just prior to the invasion. France, in 1935, had already begun banning various weapons , often referred to as, military-style weapons. Sound familiar? (Politicians  have been trying to ban military-style weapons in America for a number of years, now. The infamous AR-15 is usually the evil gun in today’s demands. Most of these politicians and most of media refer to this rifle as an automatic firearm. The truth is this rifle is the very same rifle used by many hunters, but often with a traditional-style stock. The AR-15 is a SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE WITH ONLY THE LOOK OF A MILTARY WEAPON!This above-mentioned statements became law for the French under Prime Minister Pierre Laval. He, also, began a registration of French firearms at this same time. Many French did not comply.

Move along to the 1940 invasion of France by German soldiers and the next step was for the registration papers to be gathered to know precisely who had firearms. f course these records were easy for the Germans to obtain. A positive respite to many French, at this time, was the armistice signed with the Germans with France. In this agreement French authorities and French police were to begin the confiscating of guns. The registrations of the guns in communities had the names and addresses of the owners and the make and models. Laval. who was a socialist and fascist collaborated with the Germans.

NOTE: Interestingly, Germany in the early thirties had armed upheavals between the communists and NAZIs. Banning of guns and registration in Germany occurred because of the such actions. In 1933, Adolph Hitler seized power of Germany. He used the registration records to disarm people or groups deemed to be an enemy of the state. Also interestingly, was the fact of the German Prime minister’s words concerning registration. He warned of his concerns of these records getting into the hands of some extremist elements in the future…enter Hitler! This is the very same concern of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and law-abiding, patriotic Americans today.

NOTE: France in 1789 tried to pass law to have a second amendment type agreement within it’s borders. The measure failed.

NOTE: Gun control attempts began growing in America and in 1934 a compromise gun control law was passed to ban automatic firearms and saw-off shotguns. Our Constituional Second Amendmant has twarted many gun control laws. However, many anti-gun laws have been passed. These laws are made in a “chipping away” style of gun control. In other words, little by little. These laws always use wording such as “commonsense gun laws” or closing loopholes. They know such words help their cause with less-informed indidviduals of America or those faithful to any political party without question. 

During the earlier time frame of German occupation the people weren’t shot as often as the years to follow. Jailtime, or imprisonment, including hard labor in Germany may be the result of firearm possession. Remember, at first the French police and French authorities were doing a percentage of the German’s work. However, in time, the Gestapo and SS military entered onto the scene. This was, in part, for the failure of the French to act on German demands with force. They were much more inclined to shoot a person for firearm possession. Things worsened in France daily. Interestingly, In America, proponents of firearm banning and/or gun registration may, go as far, to state the Germans seldom used gun registration to find gun owners and execute them. Such politicians are lying for there is a lot of information available to read on this subject.

NOTE: The European Union, today, require registration of guns from all lawful gun owners. Unbelievably, Germany was the first nation to comply with the EU mandates. History is clearly repeating itself. Europe has learned nothing from past events under Hitler’s dominion or Stalin in the Soviet Union…. Today, French Jews have been pleading with their government to allow for firearms to protect themselves because of the Islamic push in Europe, especially with the terrorist attacks. In America, we see the screams of more gun control with every evil school or workplace shooting. Gun free zones are becoming numerous and most shootings are in places with gun-free zones. Imagine that! The world is in decline with evil! The removal of anything pertaining to Christ, in part, has degraded the populace with evil intent always.

Often these decrees began with the wording of military-style guns being banned. In short order even hunting guns were included. Ammunition was included as part of what needed turned in to the government. Registration required name, address, model and caliber of firearm. At times amnesty was offered for the return of guns. Nothing worked with the impact expected by the Germans. The French were having an understanding as to what was needed to thwart the Germans.

The French who defied the laws often would become part of the French Resistance. Prior to the organization of the resistance many guns were hid or buried to avoid detection. These are to be compared with the community militias of America’s roots where Americans became militias to be used against the British or Indian attacks. The biggest issue with these brave individuals was the lack of firearms. Quite possibly, one gun per ten men may actually have been reality. Many died as they attacked Germans at times and blew up train tracks and German equipment. Many women, as were Jews, were sent to concentration camps as they were captured. However, their efforts helped the allied cause by keeping the Germans on their toes, so to speak, allowing for the allied forces to move easier at times as Germans were being tied down with French conflicts. Of course, anyone caught, by this time with such weapons were shot. Often times when the resistance acted the Germans would execute a number of individuals in retaliation. An interesting aspect of all of the German’s retaliatory actions led to the growth in numbers of the French fighters. Some gun and ammo shipments were parachuted to the French when available to do so.

The Germans made rules to include possible execution for any person knowing of another with guns. In other words, they were seeking information from other French individuals to report knowledge of their neighbor if they were aware that guns were present. Reports of informants on this issue are available. Nobody could be truly trusted in those years. Gun related executions increased as the time moved along and the Germans became more frustrated with the French resistance. The French became more emboldened as rumors of a D-Day invasion were heard.

This report here is a very brief listing of what events were like in France over a ten-year time frame. The actual details are very complex and chaotic to read about. I can not believe how terrible those years would have been for the French people. The fear of that knock on the door followed by a gun point prior to being removed would be dreadful to consider. But that consideration was present always. Many would be executed in the streets. Other would be hauled off and never heard from again.

Prime Minister Pierre Laval would be executed by the French at the end of the war for his gun registration and collaboration with the Germans.

So, what is the lesson with this historical entry?  Many French refused to become a slave to the government. They did not want to be without protection and did whatever means necessary to obscure their guns from the Germans and French police. The importance of an armed citizenry is obvious to combat governmental tyranny domestically or foreign. The value of our Constitution and Bill of Rights including the Second Amendment can not be understated. The fight to keep this right and the others is paramount to America’s survival.

The Second Amendment


The Militia is the people capable and ready to take up arms to protect out land and country. We are the people and our right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon.  The words do not say may, or might, be infringed upon, but SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON.









Indigo Bunting

I had planned to move out earlier than what I did this morning. Sometime after four in the morning I had one of those asthmatic coughing attacks. The coughing lasted only around five to seven seconds, but I almost blacked out. The result from such an episode is fatigue. Regardless, I forced myself to venture out for a couple of hours before the heat became too warm. I was glad I made the trek.

Yellowthroat Warbler

A light fog was about but was lifting fast as the warmth of the sun evaporated the moisture. I quickly noticed a couple of rabbits out and about in the

Mother trukey

dewy grasses. I, also, saw a couple of Groundhogs. As the dew evaporated the insect life began fluttering around. Most of the insects I enjoyed seeing, but the fruit flies were annoying. I managed to eliminate twelve or so. My other arch enemy the deer flies tried to get some blood. I killed about five of those pesky insect. The killings gave me satisfaction!

The butterflies and dragonflies are, always, enjoyable to watch.

I walked around a fence row only to see a hen turkey with nine poults. The little ones were the size of ring-neck pheasants. Ma ran off leaving the babes to stand around in wonderment. I could have enjoyed setting down and watching and listening to their kee-kee calls as they all got together again, but I wanted to make a circuit on this walk before the sun grew hotter.

I saw one small buck watching from the woodland edge. I managed a few pics.

I found a few bear tracks although recent rain weakened the sharpness of the tracks. This October Pennsylvania will be having a muzzleloader bear season. I may go out a couple of days depending on temperatures.


Turkey poults


Small buck


Monarch Butterfly


Beebalm or Oswego


Calico Pennant Skimmer Dragonfly


Downy Skullcap


Wild Bergamot


Black Cohosh or Black Snakeroot


Bear Track


Laurie and I enjoyed being part of the Boothbay Harbor cruise in Maine. This harbor like the others has low-lying islands scattered all about the bay. Boat building has been a thriving industry for close to 300 years. The oldest builder has been in operation since 1816. Hendrick’s Head Lighthouse of the Nubble Lighthouse are nearby. We visited the Nubble Lighthouse. This structure was built on an island.

While we were on site the community was having the Windjammer Days.  WE enjoyed watching teams from across a body of water participating in a tug-of-war.

The harbor was filled with many and varied boats and ships. This bay, as all bays, have white round ball-like object floating about. This is called  moorings. These balls are stationary and individuals have to rent a mooring to keep their boats in place. this is because there is not enough shoreline areas to park boats. So you have these moorings and elsewhere you have many lobster buoys used to mark lobster traps.

Of course, lobster and seafood are always available to eat.

During the cruise occasionally metal signs with numbers on steel posts were clearly viewed. These were markings of a dangerous situation under water. Interestingly, ospreys use these man0made structures for nesting. These were two such structures each having a nest.






Heron on rock




Eider Duck-male









Low humidity and a temperature in the fifties pushed me to do a hike this morning. I began walking very early hoping to see wildlife and, of course, a bear.

The area was foggy as I watched hints of the sun glowing from behind the cover. As I walked I would see five deer in totality. I, also, saw one squirrel. I found eight or so bear tracks in muddy areas. That alone made for some hope of seeing a bear. This is mating season for bear so movement is highly likely anytime of the day.

The black form showed itself briefly. I couldn’t get the camera into position fast enough for the bear became lost in the dense woodlands quickly. I moved the thirty-five yards or so fast, but no bear was to be viewed.

Sun through the fog



Bear Track


Brown Thrasher


Cecropia Moth

Nubble Lighhouse

As the crow flies Maine has over two hundred miles of coastline. However, if one adds up all the coastline as it actually is then the result would be approximately 3, 478 miles of coastline and that is not including the many, many islands of Maine. Because of all these rugged and rocky shorelines and the multitude of islands featuring the same rocky outcrops, many lighthouse were constructed to help aid in the shipping travel. There are almost seventy lighthouses situated at various areas of Maine to help the wayfaring stranger along.

We saw a lot of lighthouse, but I don’t know many by name or even remember all their locations.  Two of them are the Nubble and Portland Lighthouses.  these two are, probably, the most photographed and painted lighthouses of Maine. they are readily easily  to find and get close to paint of photograph.

Portland Lighthouse

The Nubble Lighthouse, or the Cape Neddick Lighthouse, was began in 1879 and is seventy-two feet high. The Portland Lighthouse is forty-one feet tall and was erected in 1790. At the Portland site names were painted on a rock of those who perished on site.




At the shoreline at the Portland Lighthouse  one can see and hear the mighty waves crashing over and among the rocky outcrops. The noise is, soemhow, soothing to listen to.

A very common flower is visible most everywhere. the attractive flower is the Rugosa Rose. However, this specie is a non-native plant to Maine and is consider invasive.

Rugosa Rose


We visited other coastlines to see what things of interest were available. the answer..LOTS!  Among the rocks were areas of standing water. I noticed dense black mussels of some specie. Removing one to study was difficult for the darkened mass was anchored tight together. Barnacles were common throughout Maine bays and ports. They could be spotted on rocks, piers, boats and about everywhere.

The black mussels

One site was a good one… a Harbor Seal. We actually saw them at various areas, but the first one shown in this picture was a special find to photograph.

Harbor Seal

Seaweeds were common on the rocks. High tide would have seaweed drift and settle on rocks.


I noticed hundreds of small fish swimming in the clear water. They may have been Mackerel since that fish is common to the area.

Lots of fish

Various Mollusk shells are scattered along the beaches.



Acting silly!

There is no denying the importance of the lobster in the State of Maine. Lobsters are everywhere! They even had a lobster ice cream. Lobster images appear on every restaurant. Tourist areas see many lobster images on clothing, mugs, glasses, stationary………… everywhere!

Yes, the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean.

At Perkins Cove we embarked on a lobster boat to learn about lobsters and lobster fishing.                                                          

In 2018 there were 120 million pounds of lobsters harvested. That is a lot of lobsters! the largest lobster on record was a forty-nine pound beauty. This one was three and a half feet in length. I would like to see that one personally.

In those years of the past, Indians would gather lobsters to eat whenever they could use the tides to their advantage to find them. Years later, the lobsters were considered food to give to servants or prisoners.  they would use them as fertilizer as well. Hmmm…something drastically changed for the lobster became a status symbol of the elitists and today lobster is relished by all.

We took part in a boat with a guide and lobster fishermen.  We set off to check his traps and harvest some lobsters. The bays are inundated with buoys making individual lobster traps. each fisherman has a unique paint job on his buoys to identify his traps.

This day was windy and I must say I was concerned with the swales and waves as we ventured out to check the traps. My concern was for what might happen to me as many know I do have issues with vertigo. Would the movements on the waves stir anything up? I hoped not.

This trip the fisherman headed out along the coastline and eventually went out a little into the Atlantic Ocean. I found my thoughts interesting as I looked out at the ocean’s horizon thinking of nothing but water until we reached the old world. Mind-boggling!

Gulls, Eider Ducks and Cormorants were scattered about the air and waves. Some gulls actually landed on the boat hoping for a morsel of leftovers from the fisherman.

The fisherman caught a few lobsters and crabs and checked them for legality. Lobster laws insist on they be of a certain length to be harvestable. Females with eggs are to be returned to the sea.                                                                  










Black-backed Gull on lobster traps.



Female Eider Duck