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     Yes, this winter has had few snow events. The ones of Armstrong County, Pennsylvania had produced few inches of snow cover. We have had plenty of mild temperatures too.  Last evening, however, dropped about 6-7 inches of fresh snow making for some winter wonderland views.

I worked with cleaning out the driveway this morning and making sure the bird feeders had a supply of “eats” for my feathered friends.



  Suzie had difficulties in the snow. Her GPS system was working well since the familiar scents were covered  and her blindness caused her to walk in circles seeking  something she knew. I had to chase her down and use a leash to aid her back towards the house.

Back yard Buck rub

  I enjoyed walking about my yard and managed a few photos. A buck had rubs several trees along my creek sometime during this rutting season.

The screech owl enjoyed watching me from its box. The squirrels challenged me at the feeder at times. Sometimes, I consider squirrel pot-pie as a solution.   

The crows raid my deer ribs daily now. They enjoy the easy access to the rib cages I place within the trees. Many species of birds make use of them too. Nothing goes to waste in nature. This is evident as I noticed feathers over the snow. Apparently, a Cooper’s Hawk made a connection this morning.

Red Squirrel trail

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The stream with vegetation that was absent in earlier times due to a failure to understand natural world.

People seem to enjoy my landscaping ideas for the most part. I tend to think “out of the box.” The stream that flows across my back yard was in a bad condition when I purchased the place in the later part of  the 1980  decade. I could easily step across with little effort.  The top of the water was approximately six inches from the top of the yard making for easy flooding problems.

The dock for dipping hot feet.

I carried and place many rocks and added them  within the stream itself and I,also, lined the banks with them.  The results were quick. The waters begin naturalizing. The width increased substantially and the depth did too. I planted mostly natural flowers and plants. I added trees and shrubs here and there. Today the stream looks like something one might see in the forest or a park. I have great-blue herons and green herons stopping by for minnows. I see kingfishers flying through.  Frogs are  about. And I occasionally see water snakes! (Laurie doesn’t care for them.)

Another area has lush Pachysandra growth with a meandering trail.

The meandering trail.

The gazebo.

The gazebo area has a stone trail surrounded by flowers, etc. The rabbits and chipmunks are common here. My mother and new step-father were married in the gazebo last August of 2009.

My brass light with its natural tarnished-patina. That is the way I want it so don’t be offering to polish it!

My intent with my landscaping is to create habitat for wildlife as well as to beautify my yard.  I keep a count and to date I have identified 56 birds either on of flying over my place;  15 various mammals and 6 reptiles and/or amphibians. Hope you enjoy the photos.

The stone bench.

The wheel along the rail fence.

Other landscaping thoughts that materilized is the rail fence with an old wagon wheel against it. (Another rail fence is planned for the back yard since I transferred over 15 tons of materials to make some huge raised beds.) 






side deck steps


 The main deck over the garage roof has an elaborate series of landings and steps that angled around to allow travel from the deck to the back yard.

Fern among some weathered posts.


Another stream view.




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