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The Bear

Grape leaves

Wednesday, June 23, I left early to go walking and taking photos of anything I could see of interest. I hiked up a gas well road to the top of a long grade to watch the sun filtering on the eastern sides of the trees. The brightness of the early morning sun made some deepening contrasts allowing for some nice landscape photos.

Later, I talked to a member of the Pennsylvania game Commission along the township road and told him I was hoping to see a bear. He was on his way to mow. I went across the hill to check out some more areas.

The walking was pleasant but as the morning turned towards noon the heat was increasing.

All in all, I saw eight deer, two hen turkeys and an injured rabbit. However, I was greatly blessed to have a bear come into an open area allowing me to see the size in its entirety. The bear, estimated 250 to 300 pounds’ didn’t see me initially and we, both, were startled some. He was more scared of me. I was not one bit scared although he was only about thirty-five yards from me.

When the bear’s eyes turned to see me, he looked like a cartoon character running in place for a millisecond before gaining traction. I am describing the bear as a male because mating season is happening currently and most single bear are normally males seeking out females.

Her are a few photos from the day. take note I didn’t get the camera in place fast enough for a bear photo.

Indigo Bunting

An old tree with character.

The squirrel believed he was hide from me.

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I am still walking despite the heat of last week. I kept them to a shorter walk because I don’t enjoy high heat and humidity well and add allergies…well, you get the picture. Some of the photos included are from such walks.

I heard a gobbler gobbling and adjusted my plans to go towards the bird. Once I crossed a hollow and entered the flat area of the hill, I called and was met with a nice gobble. The big bird was at an estimated 110 to one hundred and twenty yards away. I settled in to see in my camera would be taking any photos of him. Of course, vegetation was thick in places and my allergies were causing me to stir some. I tried to suppressed a couple of sneezes.

I saw some movement at one point but never identified the source. the gobbler never again gobbled or answer my calling. Did he circle and see me moving? I don’t know, but that scenario was possible.

I walked a little longer seeing several turkeys.

I took some wildflower photos. as I walked around.

Common Yarrow

Hazel nuts are forming.

Poison Ivy

Elderberry blossoms

Evening Lychnis

This morning I walked a road below my homestead and listened to a gobbler across the creek. he was gobbling well. I had heard him last week in the very same spot, too.

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Fishing Time

Largemouth Bass

I was out early this morning to try my luck with fishing. The temperature in the morning was in the forty degree range. I must admit I was a little chilled.

I set the minnow trap sometime between 4:45 and five o’clock. Little time evolved upon having a dozen or more shimmering little Creek Chubs and Long-nosed Dace. The jeep was loaded and off I went to see what adventures I could discover. I always tend to do some explorations during my fishing trips.

Fishing was slow early except for catching Eastern Sand Darter. These little fish can be difficult to catch for the size is never very big and they have small mouths. Sometimes they can strip a hook with very little movement at the rod tip. The funny part of this morning was how my dad and I would catch these fish years ago. I was reminiscing about those times for some reasoning and behold I caught a darter. We used to call them Sand Pike.

Eastern Sand Darter

I heard a commotion in the trees behind me and could see occasionally a hawk or owl through the foliage. Suddenly two Red-tailed Hawks came bursting forth flying very near to me. I grabbed my camera but they were gone until one flew out again close to me before moving higher in the sky. I managed one quick shot. the hawk had a Grackle within the talons. Other Grackles were not happy to see one of their own off for breakfast.

Red-Tailed Hawk with Grackle

A pair of Mallard Ducks continued flying back and forth.

Shortly, after eight I packed up and went elsewhere to fish. I walked close a quarter of a mile to the shoreline. My first cast brought forth a nice catfish. The fish must have been 18 to twenty inches. A nice fight was had. Moments upon releasing the cat I landed a real fighter and jumper of a Largemouth Bass. I would catch Bluegills and Pumpkinseed panfish, too.

I saw a Great-Blue heron, and Osprey and a Bald Eagle while fishing. I would see a number of Gray and Fox Squirrels, too. A highlight was a hen turkey walking around. I managed a few shots before she exited the field area.

Female Mallard

Beautiful morning


Catalpa Blossoms

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Last week I spent a few hours

Last week I spent two mornings messing around the Allegheny River. I fished some, I explored some and I looked for anything of interest to photograph.

I was fishing directly below the dam and I was catching rock bass very often due to the very swift current situation. Those rock bass were actually ROCKS! I continually snagged and frustrations quickly led to the abandonment of fishing and to the searching of things to photograph. The second morning I did catch some fish with a twenty-inch Catfish being the biggest, however I became very wet since the rain that was suppose to be out of the area by seven in the morning grew heavier. By nine o’clock I was quite dewy.

I saw a Great-Blue Heron at times and surprisingly the big bird allowed my presence until the uplift occurred. The heron flew towards my right over the river allowing for many “in-flight” shots. I included a few here. Later, I had one of these birds land in the creek behind my house. They like the natural landscaping along the creek to help conceal their presence as they seek minnows for their lunch.

I noticed the Blue False Indigo flowers were blooming, in force, in the sandy soil areas of the river’s bank. I took some photos of these beauts, as well.

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Native Wild Columbine

The first day of June was a busy day for me. I went for a walk early in the day. Upon my return, I did some power washing of the gazebo and cleaned the back deck. I sprayed the deck and gazebo roof for mold and mildew. Since rain was being forecasted for several days I mowed my yard and neighbor’s back yard. I saw a doe in the back yard, but no fawn was viewed.

I prepared the basement for some friends coming over for a “jam” session on Wednesday afternoon.

After supper I went for another walk to go fishing at a pond. The catfish were biting good and I caught a number of them One exceptional fighter took a lunge causing the bail to strike my finger rather hard. I was concerned about guitar playing, but this morning it feels well enough.

I was walking out towards evening when I heard a gobble just ahead. I would see him walk away after I spooked a mother hen and poults. The little turkeys could have only been a few days old.

Native Blue Flag of the Iris family.

Fire Pink

Multiflora Rose

Another pic of the Columbine.

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