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Native Wild Columbine

The first day of June was a busy day for me. I went for a walk early in the day. Upon my return, I did some power washing of the gazebo and cleaned the back deck. I sprayed the deck and gazebo roof for mold and mildew. Since rain was being forecasted for several days I mowed my yard and neighbor’s back yard. I saw a doe in the back yard, but no fawn was viewed.

I prepared the basement for some friends coming over for a “jam” session on Wednesday afternoon.

After supper I went for another walk to go fishing at a pond. The catfish were biting good and I caught a number of them One exceptional fighter took a lunge causing the bail to strike my finger rather hard. I was concerned about guitar playing, but this morning it feels well enough.

I was walking out towards evening when I heard a gobble just ahead. I would see him walk away after I spooked a mother hen and poults. The little turkeys could have only been a few days old.

Native Blue Flag of the Iris family.

Fire Pink

Multiflora Rose

Another pic of the Columbine.

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