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Yet another spring hike

Just as I reached the top of the hill at around 5:30, I noticed how quickly the clouds had encompassed the sky! I heard three gobblers and each of them had a lack of passion, probably, due to the darkened pre-dawn sky.  I, believe, I only heard a total of six gobbles! However, I saw a nice, silent strutter with several hens later on. At this site, I saw six deer (twice) and a couple of others across the hollow. I transplanted some blue flag  ( a native iris) that I had planted along this Cherry Run tributary last year.  Some had washed out from high water, but their roots were still attached to the edge of the stream’s bank. I separated them and replanted about the bottomland area. They are spreading fast!

Farther down the hollow, I checked a field and hastedly hit the ground upon seeing five jakes emerging from the woods to enter the recently worked field. As I watched them, I turned to my right and saw two more jakes soon to be followed by five more jakes. Boy, did I get some photos! One of the young gobblers spotted the unusual looking mass…ME! He walked curiously up to me followed by some of his pals! I guess they were somewhere between ten and twelve feet from me at one point in time!

Farther along the hill top, I noticed three hens feeding in a field with four more jakes approximately 300 yards from me. They stood straight  obviously, staring at something. Approximately forty yards from the four birds I noticed, to their left, a red fox standing in the field. At this time, I witnessed something that is still so amazing to me!  The birds walked up to the standing fox and a couple of the birds stretched out their necks and almost touched the foxes snout. They all stood around for a few minutes and the fox eventually walked on. They appeared to be friends. Thoughts of  Isaiah scripture came to mind expressing about the time when the earth will be restored to it’s original plan where all wildlife will be at rest and peace!  … A great scenerio!

I, also, saw a baby bunny and a squirrel. All told I saw, at least 28 turkeys! When I came home I saw a green heron fly to the back yard stream and a kingfisher flying busily along my “crick”!

This sunrise photo was about 6:00 A.M.  Sights such as these are what pushes my treks to the woods!

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Another spring hike

I was surprised to see a cloudless sky at 5:00 this morning. I waited around until 7:00 to give Susie her insulin and headed to State Game Lands 247. I saw a number of turkeys during my trek. I heard and saw a longbeard gobbler, several hens and a flock of 8-10 birds of mixed sex and ages.  I saw a red-tailed hawk and a broad-winged hawk too. At the SGL pond, I saw two great blue herons,  a pair of rufous-sided towhees and a lone Canada goose. I did get a few photographs of this array of bird life . Fortunately, I only removed two ticks from my pants on this jaunt.

 The autumn olive blossoms are beginning to send out their fragrant aromas. The only negative things about the SGL grounds are the ticks and the extreme over-abundance of the multifloral rose.

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Spring woodland hike

I have plenty of things to do, but how could I stay at home with a morning like this?? My quest was to take photos of wildflowers and anything that “jumped out” and said take a photo of me!! I found plenty of Trout Lilies (Dog-tooth lily); Purple  or red Trilliums(Wake-robin); foamflowers and many other specie. I discovered only two morels. I allowed them to stay in the woods with hope of their spores spreading about for next year’s crop. I heard one longbeard gobbler gobbling for his harem. I saw three hens and four young gobblers. The “jakes” allowed me to photograph them for a total of over 15 photos! Also, I found a fox den. Scattered about were the remains of two groundhogs and two ‘coons and one mole.  Like I said … a great morning.

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