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The year was mostly a failure with the covid issue and the mandates damaging America. That subject is another issue. My mother had a mini-stroke in April. I still see some damage from that event, but overall she is doing rather well. My stepfather, Bob Miller is still struggling with his cancer issue. Last weigh-in showed a hundred and forty-four pound man. he eats very little and has grown weaker to the point he can not walk.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, I took him to the hospital for a visiting nurse believed he may have had pneumonia. We discovered, he, also, had Covid-19 and spent sixteen days in the hospital for all the issues and therapy. The following morning I took my mother to the ER under doctor’s recommendation and we found out she had the virus. She was sent home under quarantine for fourteen days. Her 91 st birthday went without a party. We sent flowers an Laurie made he a cake placed n the table. My sister had the virus as well. With all that traveling with infected people I failed to get it.

However, I did find time to enjoy the early muzzleloading season in 2020. I missed a shot on the first day and passed up around ten-twelve shots on small deer. I did see a lot of nice buck. I have included some photos of buck here.

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