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Fishing and Hiking


Longnose Gar

Since Laurie and I have returned from our Colorado trip I have been doing some hiking and fishing.  I have been having much success with fishing. I have caught many Smallmouth Bass; several nice catfish, a Walleye, Carp and a longnose Gar.  I had a Muskellunge follow my hook to shore before grabbing it. I didn’t have the fish on for long for the sharp teeth cut the line.



I have been fishing along the Allegheny River and a local pond. The pond is a little over an acre I suppose and yields Carp and catfish. I enjoy the fight of a muscle-bound carp so I tend to either use light tackle or a flyrod to catch these beauties. The plus to fishing this pond is a hike of about a mile to arrive on site. There is always something to see while walking.


Smallmouth Bass





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We are now at a place in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians that has much to say. This chapter has vital Biblical doctrine within. Paul reminded the carnal, Gentile believers of the gospel he had preached to them. Paul continued reminding them of this message of the gospel they received by which they were SAVED, but only if they hold fast through faith. Otherwise they BELIEVED in vain.(Verses 1-2) Paul continued with the gospel message he had received from the Risen Christ, and delivered to them, and us today. (See Galatians 1.)


I remind you brethren in which terms I preached to you the GOSPEL, which you received, in which you stand, by which you are SAVED if you hold it fast-unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that CHRIST DIED FOR OUR SINS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SCRIPTURES, (Old Testament prophecy) THAT HE WAS BURIED, THAT HE WAS RAISED ON THE THIRD DAY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE SCRIPTURES … Paul added, and he appeared to Cephas (Peter) and the twelve…

Paul explained that the Risen Jesus had been seen by over 500 people, and lastly by Paul, himself. Paul reminded them of his past as a Jewish zealot persecuting the early Jewish, Jesus believers, known as the Way. (This was before his conversion, and having the Grace doctrine revealed by Christ in Arabia. See Galatians 1.) Paul stated he was saved by the Grace of God, and because of his past has worked harder than the disciples.

From the words of their letter, Paul realized some of the Corinthians were having doubts about resurrection. (Like today, there were always those trying to deviate from truth, and Biblical doctrine willing to cause doubt, and confusion.) Paul expressed  that his preaching, and your faith, would be in vain if resurrection be untrue. If Christ hadn’t risen from death then no one would be resurrected either. Everybody will still be with sin. All that have already died were perished. (This should make one think!!)

However, Paul reassured the Corinthians that Christ, the first fruit, did rise from the tomb! He compared Adam whose actions brought about death, and the second Adam (Christ) brought about life! Resurrection had an order in God’s plans. Christ first, then at His coming, the believers. Then the end of the age (Commonly called the Age of the Gentiles in various places in scripture.) will come only because of the Risen Christ, and then the Kingdom that was preached by Christ and the disciples to the Jews will be reality! (Early Acts)

NOTE: This is not simply a spiritual resurrection. This is a bodily resurrection of the physical and the spiritual. Those in this resurrection will have a glorious body as Christ. Can you even imagine this?

Christ will put all his enemies under his feet. (In other words he will conquer all the enemies including DEATH!) Death will be the final enemy to be destroyed.

Some were being baptized in behalf of dead loved ones. Paul emphasized this fact of him being in potential daily peril as he preached of the Risen Christ. Why would Paul do that if the dead be not raised. He spoke of the beasts of Ephesus, where Paul was threatened with death by the idol-loving Ephesians. (See Acts 19; 23-41.) Paul stated the baptism (Holy Spirit baptism.) was not because of a dead man but for a raised man! Paul stated how his well-being was forever in danger. Why would Paul face these mounting issues, and threats? The answer: Because of the Risen Christ!

At God’s time all worldly authorities, powers and kingdoms will be placed under Christ’s subjection including death! This is the last enemy to be destroyed.

Paul compared the glorified, and risen, body to a kernel of wheat. The resurrection of the dead is just like the rebirth of a dead seed. The body is sown perishable, in dishonor, and in weakness, but the body is raised in glory, and with imperishable strength. The grain has to die before it can germinate into a complete new living plant. So are our bodies. He made other comparisons from the natural world too. The dead are like that. Paul compared Adam, and Christ again. Adam was of the natural body, and Christ was the Spiritual body.

Adam was from the earth. (Natural) Christ came from heaven. (Spiritual) The famous verse of Romans 15: 50, Paul told the believers that the man of flesh, and blood will not inherit the kingdom.

(Note the pronouns used by Paul.) A mystery revealed by Christ to Paul: WE shall NOT all sleep, (Die) but we believers will be all changed in an immeasurable amount of time. The dead will be raised perfect (non-corruptible)and the believers on earth will be changed.  This is commonly called in English the “Rapture”! (See 1 Thessalonians 4-5.) The perishable body will become imperishable, and immortal!

Beginning with verse 54 some famous words of Paul. He wrote, “Death is swallowed up in victory. O death where is thy victory. O Death where is thy sting? He continued, the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law…God who gives us the victory through Christ.

Paul told these believers to be steadfast, strong in the faith, and victory by faith through our Lord Jesus Christ!. (This is to not listen to the believing Jews, or false teachers. Such people were, and are, always distorting Biblical truth.)





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I had a fan on high on this hot July afternoon as I sat and read on the back deck. The time was about six thirty. Suddenly, I heard the shrill whistle-like bob-bob white! I stopped reading. Did I hear that sound correctly. The musical notes repeated. I was hearing a Bobwhite Quail singing down by the stream. I answered and the bird began answering my calls. WOW! I went for the camera.

I eased down over the deck steps to my lower yard and sat down. I had the male quail pinpointed and I began easing in the direction of the songs.

There he was! I spotted the bird along the creek among my habitat vegetation. I moved in and the little bird didn’t seem overly scared. I called and he called and the Bobwhite jumped up a log I have by the creek. Camera was clicking away.

Eventually the quail moved across the yard and I went in and told Laurie what I have been listening to and watching. She came out on the back deck and she seemed thrilled to hear and see a Bobwhite.

I took about thirty photos. I included several here to view. We enjoyed his calling almost to dark. What a joy and blessing to hear and see a Bobwhite.

We would set on my grandparents porch and listen to the quail calling as evening would come on. They would call and “flock up” for the night’s sleep. This is one of those very fond memories one wishes to relive as the years creep forward.



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I have quite a variety of wildlife and flowers within my backyard. I have witnessed the fourth generation of rabbits so far this year. Chipmunks and Red and Gray Squirrels. Deer are nightly visitors, as well as, Flying quirrels. The “crick” that flows through has many Damselflies and Dragonflies. Minnows abound. Water Striders are all over searching for ants that I often help into the water. recently while reading on the deck after dark I had two Screech Owls land on the rail. The three Flying Squirrels at the feeder disappeared quickly.

Male Ebony Jewelwing


Water Strider


Bee Balm or Oswego


Common Daylily (I have about six varieties)


Purple Coneflower



Dogbane Leaf Beetle




Flying Squirrel


Turk’s Cap Lily



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Another cool morning and a hike was to be happening. I entered the wood prior to the sun rising and began walking about to see what sites would be in the offering this fine day.

The old road I began walking on was covered with high grass. My feet while hid in my boots remained dry, but I was soaked to the groin as the time went on. Every time I would come onto a muddy or sandy area I would search for tracks. I saw lots of deer tracks and coyote tracks. I notice d several piles of fecal matter made by bear judging by the size of the pile.

Approximately eight thirty I rounded a bend and saw black!  The black was a Black Bear!  The animal was coming my way so I armed myself with the camera and began taking some shots. The bear stopped at around thirty-five yards and I could tell the critter was getting an occasional whiff of something that stinks. THAT STENCH WAS ME! The bear stopped and moved left and then right and suddenly the whiff must have been strong enough to move on the bear’s instincts for the black disappeared immediately in the dense brush.

  I saw several deer this morning and two hen turkeys. I looked for poults that they must have been well hid if any

Hard to stop the action on a flying turkey.

poults were present.

Later I found a Killdeer nest.







Killdeer eggs


Coyote track





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