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Baby Skunks

DSC_0007 I looked outside early this morning to see some movement along a brick wall bordering the driveway. I realized the movement was from baby skunks. In fact, there were four of the little fellers.

They would pace back and forth and play like puppies some. I attempted to understand what was transpiring here. Where was their mother? Did she get killed somehow? Was she searching for food?      DSC_0009

I moved close to the little ones eventually feeling quite safe. I have been sprayed on several occasions and I really didn’t wish to have an odor on my body this day.

I attempted to lure them by sound and eventually took a turkey feather and dragged it along in front of them. Two skunks responded and followed me to behind the garage. I placed some boards along the lower deck to, hopefully, keep them in place. I was wanting to keep them away from the road.

DSC_0005   The second two didn’t respond the same and they kept moving away. I looked back and one of the other skunks had gotten over the board and was coming to me.  I picked the skunk up and replaced him behind the garage again and added another board. Where was the other one? It went into the garage and I caught it and tried to do something, but these little black and white fur balls would not cooperate at all!

I gave in and looked for the two I didn’t catch and now three had disappeared. They had to be under the deck. I placed the other captured skunk near the deck and it went under.

I certainly hope they avoid the road, but I did all I can realistically do. I am hoping the mother is under the deck too.

UPDATE: On Sunday June 25, I picked up the three remaining skunks and transported them to the woodlands. I had lost one the evening before as the skunk fell through a grate and I couldn’t retrieve it.

I was giving them feed and they were eating. I realized they would not be able to survive here at the house due to a road and traffic and the fact they were wandering more and more.




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DSC_0006 We discussed options for Father’s day. My sister Ruthie Wolfe suggested we go for a picnic and Clear Creek State park became the site where we would go. DSC_0004

The six of us arrived at the park on a beautiful summer-like day. We saw some deer including three young bucks. We watched for bear too. Mom wished to see a bear, but the only ones we saw were a distortion of facts. Three of us, on a hike, decided to play political personnel with her and spin some facts. We told her we saw a bear with two cubs. Later, we told her the truth.

The Family

The Family

Some of us did do some limited hiking within the confines of the park. I always enjoy traveling through the woods searching for things to see and photos to take.

DSC_0021                              DSC_0033

The actual Clear Creek was flowing faster than normal due to the amounts of recent rain, but the waters were clear and pure. However, the Clarion River was high and slightly brown. The Clear Creek flows into the Clarion River.

DSC_0034   My step father Bob appreciated the event. He has filled my father’s shoes in many ways. The six of us make up the family. My mom Ruth and Bob. My sister, Ruthie and her husband Tim and Laurie and I make up the Last of the Mohicans.


Bob and Ruthie trying to be photographers!

Bob and Ruthie trying to be photographers!


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