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A Winter Wonderland

The winter of 2019 and 2020 has not produced a lot of snowfall this season. The snows we have had were not very heavy at all and any snow amounts have been less than a few inches in my area of the state. We have witnessed spring-like weather often. rain has been  abundant during this year’s winter.

However, very early Friday morning (February 7) produced measurable snow. We received approximately five inches of beautiful snow. The trees were covered with snow. every limb and briar and grasses had snow weighing them down.

   Mid morning found Laurie and I visiting a local state game lands for a hike. Very quickly into our walk produced a big flock of robins. I noticed a few Cedar Waxwings flying among the flock.

We walked and stopped periodically to view the snow-laden forest and feel the serenity of such a day.                                        

The snow continued falling as we walked and I needed to hold my hand over the camera as much a possible to prevent much snow building up on the lens and camera body. At one point I stopped and removed the camera from around my neck to place it into my shoulder bag for protection. Suddenly, I heard vocalizations from Laurie. I looked up and a beautiful mahogany-colored Fisher moved across in front of us at about twenty-five feet. We were, both, thrilled to see this critter.

We circled around and found tracks two more times where the Fisher had moved across our where we would be walking.

This morning, (February 8) found me moving upslope prior to sunrise at another location in the Cherry Run area. the thick crabapple and dogwood hill side made moving tricky. I had to knock the snow off limbs at various places to keep the snow falling down my neck.

I covered the woodlands seeking photo opportunities to capture as much as this winter wonderland as I could find. As a photographer I looked about looking for shots I liked with good contrasts and compositions. I took some memory photos, too. These pics are simply a picture I want to have whenever I get to a place in my life of not being able to get out and enjoy. Such a photo may not be a good composition just a place I wish to remember.

I located deer beds at various places and would, at one point, see five deer. I found one fresh turkey tracks. Where are the rest?


North Branch Cherry Run




Cherry Run


Fisher tracks




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