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Around Christmas I went for a walk-on a rainy day. The rain wasn’t a heavy or even moderate rain at the beginning. The moisture was light. While walking I saw a landscape scene that immediately triggered an inspiration for a painting. The image wasn’t nothing spectacular as the photo here shows, but I saw potential as I snapped the photo. At the time of the photo the rain was increasing.

Rainy day photo

I quickly decided some deer would be the subject matter as I rapidly sketched the photo image onto a gesso-treated panel. I wasn’t concerned with a hundred percent copy of the photo as the pencil put into place some things. The trees and very rough drawing of deer is shown below. I began “slapping on” paint at this stage, too.


Early sketch and slap-on paint


I knew the painting would evolve as they always do for me. I very seldom do a replica of a photo in fact most paintings are creations from deep in the back of my brain area….yes, way back there! In other words they are made up!

I included some stages on social media as many have told me how they enjoy watching the progress of a painting.

You’ll see readily how this painting changed from the original photo and sketch. I included some Aspen trees and changed the sky dramatically from the gray rain clouds. Notice I altered the tree on the right some. Eventually, I added a second doe. I hope you enjoyed this series of photos showing some stages with this painting.

Detailing well on the way


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My most recent paintings on Black Bear bones: Contact me if interested in purchase.


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Painting of A Wood Duck Drake

This recent acrylic painting features a male Wood Duck in all his splendor. I hadn’t entered the Pennsylvania Waterfowl Stamp Contest in a number of years for various reasons. However, this year I thought I would try another painting. My art wasn’t chosen. I hope you enjoy seeing the painting.

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Note my hand to demonstrate size of this scapula.

I recently obtained a shoulder bone of a Moose to paint on. Technically, this shoulder bone is called a scapula.  This particular scapula is

After “slapping on” some paint.

fifteen inches long and about ten wide at the widest point. Obviously, I painted a Moose on this bone.

A rough sketch was drawn onto the bone to best utilize the limited space. Then the “slap on” stage began. At this stage I quickly slap the paint on to get the feel of the art and the direction it may go.

The following step is the detail work followed by a coat of varnish. I hope you enjoy!


Completed work!

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Snowy Owl Painting

Earlier this summer, I completed an acrylic painting of a Snowy Owl. I painted the piece with hopes of being selected for a print. The painting failed.

Head detail

The Snowy Owl is a beautiful owl. I have never seen one in the wild since they very seldom drift this far south in my state of Pennsylvania. A few years ago one was viewed for a short time near my home. The bird was often spotted on a barn. So, for me I studied available photo images of the owl, before setting down and drawing a host of layout ideas. In fact the original concept occurred during the spring gobbler hunting season. I sat in the woods doing thumbnail sketches. I would choose from them several ideas that I liked. Following the final selection, I began doing bigger sketches until I came up with the image shown below.

After I started this painting I went through a time of internal debate of the positioning. The idea is this owl has the wings dropped to hide the recent catch of a mouse. The tail is spread in a defensive mode. I wondered if this position would be understood for anyone viewing the painting. I have seen Great-Horned Owls do similar shows of defiance. I decided to leave the idea as is.                                                                                                                                  


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Bear Shoulder Bone Art

I just completed this bear painting on a bear shoulder bone. Again, this is something different than the normal painting I might do.

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A Different Kind Of Art

Yesterday, I finished a painting and had a lot of mixed paint on the palette.   Luckily, I have had this deer shoulder blade on the drawing table for a long time. Today was the day it was to be painted. Of course, painting on this surface is much different than painting on treated Masonite.

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