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A Different Kind Of Art

Yesterday, I finished a painting and had a lot of mixed paint on the palette.   Luckily, I have had this deer shoulder blade on the drawing table for a long time. Today was the day it was to be painted. Of course, painting on this surface is much different than painting on treated Masonite.

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Push And Shove

A few months ago I found a couple of sketches featuring Wild Turkeys.  I almost pitched them out, but hesitated. I decided I should paint the one sketch. I began to redraw and plan the discovered sketch and the 18 X 24 acrylic painting called, “PUSH AND SHOVE’ became the result.


 Drawing on prepared Masonite.

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I had a small piece of gesso-treated Masonite and decided to utilize into a painting.  I had just taken a hike on a day with a few inches of snow on the ground and became inspired. the subject was to be a buck White-tailed Deer.


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My painting MOVING THROUGH of a black bear is available for purchase as a print and/ot conservation stamp. See this link if interested.



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My Prints on Stone

dsc_0001  Some have private messaged asking more detail on the stones  that have some art prints adhered.  The stones are approximately three-fourths of an inch thick. The back side is smooth and the image side has all the irregularities of the stone intact as is. The art print goes through a chemical process that lifts the image from the paper allowing the image to lay on the rough surface of the rock. This gives the art much character.

Each stone is different in shape. No two are exactly alike. Each one is unique.

The art prints I used featured two Delaware natives sneaking around the evening forest. Downslope is a campfire allowing the smoke to drift skyward. The title of this art is: EVENING SMOKE-DELAWARES IN 1755. (I have five of these completed on stone.)

The art was featured on the cover of MUZZLE BLASTS. This is a magazine devoted to anything pertaining to muzzleloading firearms and history, and so forth.

Another print used is entitled: IN DEFENSE. The subject is a young soldier from the French and Indian war era. dsc_0003His uniform is that of a Pennsylvania provincial soldier. The colony of Pennsylvania at this time was subject to Great Britain. (I have one stone with his image.)

SPRINGTIME MAJESTY features an adult gobbler in full strut during a Pennsylvania spring. This art was featured on the cover of TURKEY CALL. A black and white version appeared on the cover of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers’ Association. The limited edition print series is down to a few copies. (I have only one of Springtime Majesty on stone.)

dsc_0005  The price for each is $100.00. The company that does this process would charge $145.00 each.)


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I was surprised to find some old paintings that had been set aside and forgotten. Hence the title! Although they were completed in the past they are now like new.

The Great-Horned Owls is an 18 by 24 inch acrylic on Masonite. I completed this art in 1999. I think I was four years old at the time. This art is called dsc_0005“GREAT-HORNED OWL FAMILY”.

The other painting is a 12 by 18 inch acrylic painting done on 140 pound watercolor paper. This art is called “CROOKED CREEK”.


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Lake Arthur

dsc_0094 Lake Arthur is quite a sizable body of water within Moraine State Park. The area is a treasure for observing waterfowl; herons;

Green Heron

Green Heron

eagles, ospreys and many other kinds of wildlife. My time was limited so I didn’t spend a lot of time along this water, but the little time I utilized produced a lot of birdlife.

Lake Arthur consists of 3,225 acres of water with 42 miles of scenic shorelines. The depth of the water is between 11 to 36 feet. Moraine State Park  is a 16,725 acre mix of Lake Arthur, woodlands, and wetlands.



dsc_0095 One of first specie of birds I located was the little Green Heron. These bird often spends time along the creek at my home. They find the minnows and frogs a source of food!  I saw the Great Blue heron and a surprise, too. I spotted the white of an egret far off feeding along the opposite shoreline.  A very friendly woman had just mentioned the fact of seeing an egret moments before.                                                      dsc_0103

dsc_0104  Lots of waterfowl can be viewed in the back water areas. They were busy swimming around searching for some “grub”. Canada Geese are always a site at the lake.

I painted a painting called Back To Moraine-Osprey some time ago. The painting was produced on a plate for sale.

Jack-In-The-Pulpit berries

Jack-In-The-Pulpit berries


Back To Moraine-Osprey


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