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DSC_0004   I had no feelings of apprehension while being alongside the group of around 250 like-minded individuals. Should I have been afraid? Those on one side of the political “spectrum” would be adamantly opposed to such an action and blindly scream fearful remarks to work on the emotions of the uninformed or political ideals….anti-gun people! The Americans present at this event did so as a public awareness walk.

The sidewalks and street crossings of Brookville, Pennsylvania witnessed the group of pro second amendment individuals.Those present ranged from young children; women; mothers; elderly and all ages in between.                                                           DSC_0005

Besides the need to proclaim the right to bear arms of the people all of these people were carrying firearms. I saw revolvers; semi-auto pistols; rifles; shotguns; flintlock rifles; antique firearms and many of those dreaded AR-15 rifles….and yes they were loaded!

The Second Amendment was an important aspect for the founding of America through the FOUNDING FATHERS. Historically, these men were living under the auspices of King george lll of England. The thirteen colonies were under English rule.

Irish Second Amendment supporter

Irish Second Amendment supporter

The French & Indian War, fought in the colonies,  had used up much of British revenue. England added many taxes and tariffs to the colonies to replenish their lost funds. Their acts caused much resentment. Life here was becoming more burdensome as the problems continually escalated towards war.

British troops began to thwart all anti-British discussions and gun confiscation was beginning to cause anger. The founders had seen tyrannical government ebbing its way one step at a time into colonial life. Liberty and freedom were desired! They understood the need for men to occasionally do what is necessary to keep and preserve freedom. In short order this War for Independence would be reality.

Headin' towards the rally

Headin’ towards the rally

Individuals and/or groups opposed to the second amendment apparently have little concern with the constant “chipping away” of the right. They are in a tunnel vision thinking our own government would never be able to go into tyranny over the citizenry. Many people’s of other nations heard the lie. The realization of the loss of firearms came to their feeble brain waves too late to stop the anti advance. If this right goes how much faster will the next one fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jefferson County Courthouse (detail)

Jefferson County Courthouse (detail)

In the Pennsylvania Constitution  Declaration of Rights; Article 1; Section 21 states: THE RIGHT OF THE CITIZENS TO BEAR ARMS IN DEFENSE OF THEMSELVES AND THE STATE SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED.


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