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My Bible Study

PHOTO LET TO RIGHT GOING AROUND THE TABLE: Joyce, Beverly, Ron, Lorna, Jill, Dave, Jack, Velma, Deb (Hiding), Alice, Glenn and Denny. (Missing from the photo is Jim, Brenda, Wayne, Cindy and Laurie.)

I have been conducting a Bible study class for many years now. How this study came to be is an interesting story.

The pastor at the Free Methodist Church at the time brought up at a Sunday service of a desire to start small men and women groups. The groups were to be, in the original concept, a place where individuals could come and discuss anything and everything in confidentiality.

I am hesitant to state some of the following words because I am still to this day in awe as to what happened. When the pastor made this announcement, I felt a sensation! I immediately felt what I described as a palm of the hand between my shoulder blades with a nudge. However, I didn’t move along with the nudge. I said to my wife what had happened. I walked out that Sunday wondering but not dwelling on what had happened. I didn’t think a lot about it for a week until the following Sunday service.

The pastor, once again, brought up this idea of the small groups and the very same experience happened again. I told my wife again and we talked after the service just what this may be meaning.

I believed I was being nudged towards doing this small men’s group, but I did not want to do anything like this. With my anxiety issues, I have always been content to stay in the background, but something was about to change. I made contact with the pastor.

Eventually a meeting was planned with about seven people interested with this small group concept. I stated if I decided to proceed, I would like to incorporate the Book of Acts. I had been for years writing down notes on the Bible along with questions I had and so forth. It seemed I was about to utilize such notes in my group. (Many of these notes were typed into the computer.)

The group started off as with three men but would soon have another small men’s group join up. My plans quickly evolved into a Bible study beginning in Acts. This was not, and still is not, easy, at times, for me while dealing with anxiety issues.

A year or so later a women’s group joined the study and that is how it has been ever since.

Every study consists of reading a chapter or two along with the study sheets I have typed up. the group are very much part of the study with questions, discussions and laughter. We are not a politically correct group.

I have retyped the entire New Testament thus far. I have typed up about fourteen of the Old Testament into a study format. We have studied the entire New Testament and some parts twice before we moved into the Old Testament.

I have an average of twelve to fourteen people on any given Thursday evening. In the last year two had to leave due to changes in work schedules and two others have left because of the current high prices. All four still take the study guides via email.

We are currently on the Book of Judges as I type this.

Although I still have those nervous issues, I have become quite happy to be working with such a great group. I even look forward to each study and being with my friends. A have included a few studies on this site. Go to the right-hand column and search for “SPIRITUAL” and click on it. Some various additional studies are located here.

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The Deer Are Moving!

Yes, one thing I noticed over the last two morning hikes is the fact of moving deer. I saw four buck and many doe and fawns. I lost count. The velvet has been removed and the antlers are strong ready to face the rigors of this upcoming rutting season. I haven’t seen any buck scrapes yet.

Does and her fawns are fattening up and will be soon finding the need to run from aggression in the males. Truth be known I suspect this is already happening but will increase in intensity very soon.

The deer all have their winter hair.

I managed a few photos of deer over these last two mornings.

Full speed ahead!

White Snakeroot

Garden Spider on a dewy web out for a quick breakfast.


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Jack-in -the- Pulpit berries

I have managed to get in some walking despite encountering many demands on my being. A few photos from a couple of morning hikes are within this entry.

I have been playing lead guitar at a church for a few months now. The regular player developed an illness to be found out of his bladder cancer. he is taking treatments and has had some setbacks with infections and such. I am hoping Ray gets well enough to resume his position soon. Some Monday evenings I pay guitar at an event known as God’s Choice. This event is catered towards those with various handicaps. It is a rewarding venture to see them smile and sing along. Thursday evening, I have a Bible study class with ten to fourteen individuals interested in studying the Word. Other issues play a part in my life with serious health issues within the family.

Doe with her winter coat.

Button Bush Seed Pods

Monarch Butterfly

Spotted Jewelweed


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Books on the Alamo

As a boy I had many influences on numerous on many subjects. One such influence was the three-night series of Davy Crocket. the series featured Fess Parker as Mr. Crockett. Another Alamo related movie featured John “the Duke” Wayne as the Tennessee frontiersman. Of course, much of both versions was strictly hollywood exaggerations. the latter shows Wayne as Crockett on the fort’s ledge swinging his flintlock rifle to take out as many Mexicans as he could before succumbing to his death. There was a report that David Crockett may have been executed, but there is no solid evidence to lead to that conclusion.

In recent months I have read two books about the Alamo and events leading up to the battle and some of men participating in the conflict. Three of which were, David Crockett, of course, William Travis and legendary man with the big knife, James Bowie.

I have heard a few various stories as to how these men died at the Alamo. The books dig deep into words of some of those survivors of the battle, and written accounts by the very same. I must clarify that last sentence. There were no survivors of those doing the fighting within the walls, but there were a few women and children and one slave named Joe who were allowed to leave.

The account of David Crockett states he was killed very early in the hour-long battle. Travis was killed by a shot to the head at the first onslaught of the push to enter the fort. Bowie was killed in his bed, but not the in the way most film depicts with flintlock pistols firing before using his famous Bowie knife. Bowie was so sick he couldn’t move to fight and was shot and bayoneted in his bed. All the fighters were burned after their deaths in huge fires.

How these men died is not the important issue, but the fact they did die for a cause they truly believed in… Texas! The legends live even to this day.

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The fish did not bite very hard for a few moments. I was wondering what species could be working on my nightcrawler. I would soon find out.

I was holding the rod and feeling these light bites when all at once the bite was much harder, and I immediately set the hook! WOW! The fish took off in the Allegheny River and the reel was roaring. I glanced down at the reel and noticed I was seeing the metal of the reel’s spool. My line was almost to the “end of the line” and I realized I need quick action.

I began following along the shoreline reeling in whenever I could do so without too much fear of line breakage…or I hoped! I had walked close to sixty feet along the river’s edge when I first noticed what I had caught. I saw the yellow-orange tail of a Carp.

I was happy when I began to feel the fish tiring and I continued to reel whenever I could eventually bring the fish to the shoreline. I picked the golden fish out of the water and walked back to get some photos.

I released the carp back into the Allegheny River. The fish was twenty-six to twenty-eight inches in length.

The release!

Another interesting story from the morning fishing expedition was the surprise of having a dog suddenly appear to my left. I was glad to see she was a friendly dog and I petted and talked to her for a time before she disappeared again. In a short time, I could see the dog’s owner below me along the river.

One more interesting event of the morning. I went to cast, and the line had wrapped around my bail causing a backlash of sorts. The hook still entered the river about five feet out. Just as I was about to complete the line work, I felt the tugging of a fish. I set the hook and reeled in a Rock Bass.

Yes, I had an interesting few hours along the Allegheny River.

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