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A short hike on a great spring-like day. Saw a twenty pound plus gobbler and noticed that the coltsfoot are in bloom. Suzie (my springer) wasn’t doing very well. She is almost blind and seemed  a little confused with the new field we walked. The diabetes has been with her since February of 2009.  I love that little companion!

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With such a beautiful day a need to to take a woodland hike was a priority. I heard some gobblers and hens doing their springtime courtship calls. The only negative aspect of the hike were the ticks! I removed and terminated at least 22 to 25 of the little critters from my pants.

 After I returned home I was blessed to watch my first turkey vulture of the year circling over the house.

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Here I come!

I have entered the world of WordPress. I am attempting to become knowledgable with all this site has to offer. I wish to learn how to place photos and add links of friends and who knows where I may end up.  Wish me luck with my latest adventure!!!!

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