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I looked outside and the rain was pouring! I thought, oh no, Mom, my step father, Bob have already left for Elderton, Pennsylvania  for a judged car show. I was planning on going up to show support. First, however, I needed to stop by their house and pick up a few things. The rains continued  during the five-mile travel and I waited at the house  anticipating their return at any moment.

Mom and the ’85 El Camino

The hour went fast  as I noticed the rain stopped. They hadn’t returned from the show. I began wondering if the rain could have possibly avoided them. I left for Elderton!

Mom and Bob with the ’54 Chevy

Sure enough, the farther east I drove the less evidence of rain. I thought how much work Bob did to the 1954 Chevrolet Bel-Aire and the 1985 El Camino. Both vehicles are, almost, complete and  original. The El Camino was driven by my mother, Ruth (Smail) Miller and, of course, Bob handled the ’54 Chevy.

I walked across the old high school soccer field looking over the old cars and  I finally saw the two cars. I enjoy old vehicles. Some of these are restored and some, but fewer, are original. Some vehicles are all “spruced up.” By this I mean the vehicles have lots of non-original features to enhance their looks.

I spent several hours with the two and watched two judges spend about twenty minutes looking the Bel-Aire over.  Finally after sprinkles threatened the event off and on, the rains began in earnest. I decided to head towards my car and go home.

A couple of hours later the phone rang and an excited mother announced both cars received first place in their divisions!  WOW! Congrats to both Bob and my mother!  Now Bob has something to do this week… clean the cars!

NOTE:  The El Camino has around 34,000 miles on it and the Bel-Aire has around 26,000 original miles. (I am relying on my memory.)

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Cardinal Flower

Frank “MUSKIE” Maus

I elected to go to the Armstrong County Historical Society museum very early to add a few items for the Native American Room there.The temperatures were to become hot so I decided to allow time to walk along the Allegheny River. One never knows what one might find along the banks.

The vegetation, of course, was dew-laden at this early hour. I was seeking anything of interest to take photos of too. Wildflowers flourish along the water sources.


Citizen’s Bridge at Kittanning, PA

I had not traveled far when a fishing boat was viewed travelling north on the western side of the river. I though I recognized the boat and soon definitely noticed the operator of the craft. It was my friend, Frank, “MUSKIE” Maus on his daily quest for the elusive fish the muskellunge. He didn’t notice me as he turned to his right and moved to about 60 yards from the shore. I hollered over to throw the lure, pointing to my left, over there for that is where the big ones are! I heard the familiar laugh. We chatted a while before I drifted south along the shore.

Pickerel Flower

One of my favorite summer flowers of areas near water sources is the cardinal-flower. The brilliant red colors stand out in dominance over the greens. I, also, noticed some pickerel flowers growing in the shallow water. This flower seems to be rather scarce in my travels.

I was fortunate to see some mallards;  a great blue heron; a groundhog and a couple ofrabbits throughout the short venture.




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Purple Coneflower

  I’ve been busy! The last weekend in June I played guitar with, at least, 6 bands at campgrounds. Of course, over the 4th of July week I was at several cook out meals. One was with my family and the other was at Greensburg, Pennsylvania at Laurie’s brother and his betrothed home. We attended  the home of Kristen and Mark Crosby on July 4th for multiple reasons. Mark had made the trek to becoming a Free Methodist pastor. We, and others had stopped by for a cook out type congratulatory visit. The invite, also, meant chairs set up watching the fire works during the Heritage Days event in Ford City, Pennsylvania.

We did some western-style square dancing  Friday evening (July 6) during one of the hottest days of summer. (Didn’t say we were smart! and I didn’t say I did well either!)

One evening I went for a nice bike ride. I went to Rosston and went around the marina and returned home.The several hour ride was invigorating.

Another project for me is placing tracks in a digital recordings for a future CD. I have placed , thus far, up to six and seven tracks on some of the 13 songs. This is a lot of work and is time-consuming. This morning we worked at placing some vocals on three of the songs.

Button Bush

Muskie Maus

On Tuesday, I spent the day on the Allegheny River casting and trolling for muskies at the invite of my friend, Frank (MUSKIE) Maus. He has caught 305 of these great fish in his fishing career. That is quite an accomplishment. The man is obsessed with muskies! We failed to have any strikes this day. I watched a gar trail my lure and with the next cast felt a nudge on the lure which was, probably, the same gar. We saw lots of mallards and some mergansers and a few gulls.  

Wednesday, found me doing a  couple of miles of walking and later gathering some large rocks for landscaping. (I am getting to old for such weights!)

A bear walked somewhere below my home on Tuesday. I sure would have liked to have seen it! This week I have seen a few deer and, today I did see about 7 turkeys cross the road below my old homestead.

Wednesday evening I located the final resting place of Col. William Sirwell. He was the commander of the 78 Pennsylvania Regiment from our area. He is buried at the St. Mary’s cemetary near Kittanning, Pennsylvania.

Col. Wm. Sirwell grave marker.

Saturday, I am scheduled to play lead guitar with a band called Just Passin’ Through. This band lost their lead guitar player about four years ago and I have been asked to play at Grey’s Home for their annual picnic the last three years.  This band doesn’t play music much together due to travel, etc. This is one time they manage to get together. They play older style country music.

Sunday evening, I was asked to play lead guitar with a gospel band called the Gospel Messengers. This will be a televised event. They lost their lead instrument last year and, as of date, haven’t found a full-time replacement.

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I have just updated some art onto the web site. The art may, also,  be found under the SERIES link on the right and under LATEST PAINTINGS; also, found on a right column link. I hope you enjoy the latest art.


Filtered Light-Brook trout

Flying Low- Mallard










Meadow’s Edge-Black Bear Family

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