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The fish did not bite very hard for a few moments. I was wondering what species could be working on my nightcrawler. I would soon find out.

I was holding the rod and feeling these light bites when all at once the bite was much harder, and I immediately set the hook! WOW! The fish took off in the Allegheny River and the reel was roaring. I glanced down at the reel and noticed I was seeing the metal of the reel’s spool. My line was almost to the “end of the line” and I realized I need quick action.

I began following along the shoreline reeling in whenever I could do so without too much fear of line breakage…or I hoped! I had walked close to sixty feet along the river’s edge when I first noticed what I had caught. I saw the yellow-orange tail of a Carp.

I was happy when I began to feel the fish tiring and I continued to reel whenever I could eventually bring the fish to the shoreline. I picked the golden fish out of the water and walked back to get some photos.

I released the carp back into the Allegheny River. The fish was twenty-six to twenty-eight inches in length.

The release!

Another interesting story from the morning fishing expedition was the surprise of having a dog suddenly appear to my left. I was glad to see she was a friendly dog and I petted and talked to her for a time before she disappeared again. In a short time, I could see the dog’s owner below me along the river.

One more interesting event of the morning. I went to cast, and the line had wrapped around my bail causing a backlash of sorts. The hook still entered the river about five feet out. Just as I was about to complete the line work, I felt the tugging of a fish. I set the hook and reeled in a Rock Bass.

Yes, I had an interesting few hours along the Allegheny River.

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Wild Bergamot

This past week held some adventures in hiking and fishing for me. One morning Laurie came with me. We would see nine deer including four bucks, two turkeys and a Bald Eagle. We entered a field’s edge and noticed two fawns bedded down.

One morning I fished the Allegheny River catching several Walleyes and several catfish. I saw an Osprey searching for fish to catch.

One of the walleye catches.

This catfish was close to twenty inches. Nice fight!

Another morning I walked alongside to the Allegheny River and a local rail to trails. I walked about five miles. I watched a Mink along a rocky edge. That is an uncommon sight to see in the wild. I, also, saw a Great Blue heron and a family of Common Mergansers.

Yellow Goat’s Beard in seed. Seed pod is approximately three inches across.

Thursday morning, I had time for a brief walk prior to stopping at my mother’s home. Very early I heard and later spooked a gobbler from a tree. On my way home I would see three longbeards.

With temperatures I the fifties I headed to a state game lands for a nice walk. I saw a number of deer. One doe offered some photos with the sun at a good angle. I would see other deer, as well. I saw several hen turkeys and a few poults. I walked upon a flock of gobblers. Although they were very close, I could not find an opening for a camera shot.

Indian Pipe

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Snapping Turtle

The pole didn’t move much at all before the line tightened to the point for me to set the hook. Immediately I recognized something very different about this fish. I was fishing for Catfish and Carp, and I knew this battle was not familiar as the how those two species fight. My very next thought was…turtle!

I was correct as the Snapping Turtle came to the surface the first time. I hung on for this turtle was not appreciative as to me catching it. The pole was deeply bent with the tugs and weight.

Once I brought the turtle to the shoreline, I had few options. I would not be unhooking this feller by hand. Snappers can bite hard and lock their jaws. Naaa… I think I will cut the line.

I did catch some catfish and was enjoying the morning when I felt the very similar battle as with the first Snapping Turtle. Could have I caught another Snapper?

Again, I had hooked a second Snapping Turtle and I, once again, cut the line to reserve my fingers for other things. Both turtle shells were between twelve and fourteen inches in length.

So, I caught two Snapping Turtles within an hour. I, also, watched a doe during her potty time and would see a gobbler as I walked out of the area. It was a good and interesting morning.

The lonely pole.

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Morning Fishing

Smallmouth Bass

The Allegheny River looked good. My second cast resulted in a fish of size and power. The fight didn’t last long for my string was either broken or cut by sharp teeth.

Shortly after this failing, I had another good fight on my rod. I was going to be more careful, but I felt a stoppage of reeling. I was snagged among a treetop, I guess. I gave the line some slack hoping the fish might find a way out where I could land it. Nothing doing! I ended up having my line break again, but by me.

Things changed for the better for my next casts produced Smallmouth Bass and Catfish…all good fighters.

I quit around ten for the sneezes were coming on strong and it is not fun doing anything under those conditions.

My largest bass was about fifteen inches, and the catfish was about twenty inches.

Friendly Grackle

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Pumpkinseed Sunfish

I was feeling rather well early this morning. So well, I decided to go for a walk to a pond and do a little fishing. The early morning coolness felt good as I walked along. During the walk in I saw a buck with two-inch antlers budding forth.

Eventually I came to the pond and settled in for some fishing. I was not disappointed for a caught plenty of Bullhead catfish and a Pumpkinseed. During my time along the bank, I spotted a Snapping Turtle checking out that strange mass on the shoreline.

Bullhead Catfish

Snapping Turtle

The fishing was fairly constant with bringing in the fish and missing some fish, too. Ya know the big uns always get away.

I heard Canada Geese honking in the distance and was surprised to see a V-pattern with twelve to fifteen geese flying over. Usually, they are paired off for the nesting season and to see this many was interesting. I was pleased to hear a gobbler sounding off with about eight or ten gobbles high on the hill.

Turkey egg

Unfortunately, close to ten o’clock I was noticing some burning in the eyes. I decided to head out for these sensations almost always develop into a full pledge allergy attack. I was correct. I was walking back towards the jeep and the sneezing began in earnest. I became very miserable and before I was to the jeep, I was having many of the symptoms and not enjoying my life at all.

At least for a few hours I had a very enjoyable time afield.

Below are some additional photos of the morning.

Fire Pink

Little buck

Wild Geranium

Baby Red Squirrel

Wild Columbine
Deadly Nightshade

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I had some great time on a local trout stream on Wednesday, May 18th. However, I had a pain issue I was forced to work with.

Family and some friends know I have had asthma all of my life. I often forget of the realities of the pollen season. The coughing escalates until I take on chocking spells until I spew forth material from my lungs. On Monday I had one of these spells and apparently caused enough muscular strain somehow that my hip area and thigh dealt with some intense pains. However, I was determined to go fishing and I took some pills and headed off to enjoy some trout fishing.

I quickly realized I needed extra precautions while wading the waters. I ignored the pain issue as well as I could and began going upstream fishing and taking photos.

I reminisced as I walked upstream. I could see my dad fishing at this spot so many years ago. I took a photo at that time with my little instamatic camera, and I could visualize that photo. Oh, how if he could really be there!

Interesting rock being swallowed up by a tree.

I had some luck and managed to find a few trout. I caught Brown trout and one hybrid trout. I released all of the fish back into the stream.

Brown trout

Hybrid Trout

The morning was a beautiful one, but as the day moved towards noon the cloud cover began increasing for rain was coming. I returned home about noon and climbed on the riding tractor for the grass needed mowed and nobody else was going to do it.

I would see seven deer during the morning.

Mayapple blossom

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Cold, Windy Fishing

Rainbow trout

Yes, the temperatures never came out of the thirties this morning while I was fishing. Yes, the winds were brisk, but I enjoyed some trout fishing regardless.

The fishing was unsuccessful at first, and I was wondering what had happened. Was it this cold front moving through? I moved along a short distance trying different areas when it happened…a HIT! I would catch and release five or six Rainbow Trout. I lost two and missed one. Around ten o’clock my hands were becoming very cold, and I decided to call it a day.

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The morning was to be a nice one and I left early to try my hand with some trout fishing. (Later rain came but I had already quit fishing.) The stream was colored but not muddy and fast, but not overly rapid. Recent rains have been keeping the waters moving. The area I stopped initially showed much evidence of others at the stream’s edge. My attempts failed to catch any trout. Fishing pressure appeared hard everywhere I checked.

I moved to another area and found lots of evidence of fishing pressure including tents and such. I never had a hit in the two hours I fished so exploration was a must. I hadn’t traveled far when I saw a good on a small island rise up. Her nest was obvious, and I walked to the site for some photos. Ma and Pa Goose were very vocal about my presence. I continued upstream for a bit, and they believed their luring me away had been successful.

Although I failed to snag onto any trout, I definitely enjoyed my time out. I saw some deer, six turkeys and lots of squirrels.

Downed-lined Canada Goose nest.

Skunk Cabbage

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Yes, the catfish were biting well. every cast I was either catching a Bullhead Catfish, missing one or discovering my bait was stolen. Once the bait was gone I learned the catfish quit biting. Huh..who would have “thunked” that!

Praying Mantis

Shortly after the fishing began, I noticed something that didn’t look quite right. A closer observation proved what I suspected.. a Praying Mantis hanging upside down and in a semi-dormant state. It was chilly this particular morning. However, once the sun began to warm the air up I started to see movement/ I took several photos of this insect.

Puffball ready to shoot out spores

I did see about six different deer on this morning for I incorporated a walk with the fishing trip. many species of fungus are out at this time of the year. I know some, but I know far less when it comes to edibles. I can identify several edible varieties.


Widow Skimmer Dragonfly

Pearl Crescentspot

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I checked the weather and decided to get out for a walk and some Carp and catfish fishing. The heat and humidity would be building so I hoped to be heading home before noon at the latest. I left around 10:30.

the approach to the pond where I would be fishing hosted a doe and fawn. I didn’t get any photos because I wasn’t prepared at the time. Fishing gear and shoulder bag and my little friend Ruger all seemed to be in the way. later I would insert my little ultra-light pole through my belt so my hands would better prepared. , probably, looked like someone with an old CB radio antennae coming from my backside.

Fishing was good for I caught some fish, lost some fish and missed some fish. One Carp broke my light-weight line.

My arms must have been compared as landing zones for a beautiful blue Damselfly would land on it as did some of those Jerk Flies. Fish surface activity was common during those hours fishing. A small and brilliant green Praying Mantis was moving about some grasses, but I couldn’t get a focus.

The wildflower season is definitely moving towards a new look. Jewelweed varieties are common now.

Spotted Jewelweed

Pale Jewelweed

One flower to bloom towards mid-August and onward is the Goldenrod. This yellow is beginning to occur everywhere. Soon the yellow will be everywhere one looks.

Horse Nettle

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