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Morning Hike

   I decided Sunday evening that I needed to spend some woodland time early in the morning.  I had a few minutes to stop at the Whitesburg United Methodist Church to spend some time at my father’s resting place. I sat in the darkness reflecting on the past and hoping life in the natural could be different. I yearn for a time of no more pain and death. Sometimes the memories are needed!!!

   I reached the edge of a woodland bench in the pre-morning dawn awaiting for whatever the world would offer. I heard the calls of a killdeer high in the sky. I theorize this lone bird must be a late migrant. About 7:20 I heard a little turkey talk. One bird came of the roost early and began announcing to the others that an intruder was near. The bird’s strong alarm putt told the story.    

Cherry Run

I retreated and walked some 400-450 yards when I heard other turkeys still on the roost. Their calls continued until 8:00. Above me I heard leaves rustling. A gobbler’s head appeared and our eyes glared at each other for several moments until the bird ducked. I quickly moved upslope and saw two gobblers. (The birds I heard earlier?)

Pennsylvania Country

  I decided to head out for another area for turkey population checks. I was doing this primarily to find places to bring my step-father, Bob for turkey hunting… hopefully not very rugged places.    

He is legal!

As the day went on, I saw six doe and one buck. I, also, saw some squirrels and watched a couple of pileated woodpeckers darting from tree to tree. The robins are still around eating dogwoods and wild grapes. I usually se them all winter long at some of these areas producing such mast.


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