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Turkey Hunting


Not sure if Bob knows what a turkey looks like!

 I allowed Bob to wait high on the hill-top while I drifted low in anticipation with hearing turkeys. He does well at 77 years of age, but I try to be conscious of reality and be thoughtful. I heard some birds around a point on the hill and quietly moved in. NO BIRDS!  I scanned the tree tops through the foliage and zigzagged trying to find them. Nothing!                    

Cedar Waxwing & song sparrow

I went farther down slope when I heard turkeys across the hollow. I debated to attempt getting over and breaking or getting Bob first. I decided I would bring Bob down and then try to locate the birds.   

Surprisingly, After I circled around I heard a bird off in the distance, or so I thought. I actually walked about 40 yards below the tree and the birds were still on their roost well into daylight. They flushed behind me and flew towards where Bob was. he said one turkey landed behind him and ran. Bob and I headed where the turkey was last spotted and walked into, at least, three turkeys. One bird called below us but wouldn’t budge to walk up and over the hill’s crest.

    Later I kicked out more turkeys and as we were heading out of the woods we heard some yelping and set up. I spotted the turkey about 80 yards out. This turkey walked away. Maybe this woods was open enough that the bird looked and after not seeing a calling turk decided to amble off. We quit around 1:00 and Bob and I went to Elderton, Pennsylvania for lunch.

I saw about 12-13 deer sightings, including two buck. I saw squirrels and grouse too. I tried putting ticks into a bottle with peroxide this day Peroxide won’t kill them. Next time out I think I will try rubbing alcohol.                        

   The day was a beautiful autumn day.


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