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The president has been elected. I have been trying to gather my thoughts and still be brief. This may be  difficult to do.

I went to bed shortly after ten o’clock the evening of the 2012 presidential election. I went to sleep with the assumption obama would, once again,  be elected as our nation’s president. The morning proved this assumption as accurate…….

Americans needs to congratulate themselves. The trend towards the “anything goes mentality” has firmly taken hold within our society. This is known as“moral relativism’. In short, the meaning equates to a society of people with no absolutes in their lives. We are there! The direction has been pointed out! There will, very unlikely, be any turning back to better values and ethical morals. Those days have been gone. Just watch any sitcoms on tonight’s television. At least half of the country tends to follow the rules of“political correctness” to the extremes……

We have found that, at least, half of the populace have no issue with the concept of our Constitutional principles of a limited government. We are, now, a take all society.  We have seen five trillion-dollar debt added in less than four years. We are currently over $16 trillion dollars and rapidly rising. Using this as a guide, we can only expect another 5 trillion over the next four years. Personally, I am sensing an even higher amount! We are Europe! Europe is in chaos with strikes and massive protests due to financial problems. It is broken! I find this difficult to believe that people seem to not care about such an alarming rate.  Apparently, half of the population have no problems with a government that works without a budget. I do!  There will be a time when these issues will come together for a major financial drop! Many seem to have no issue with these!…….

A bright “Green Light” has been given to this administration to continue with its policies and ideas. The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated this administration. The same group has declared many times that their goal is to eliminate the Jewish people and Israel. They have, also, made statements stating they will not stop until the flag  of Islam flies over Washington, D.C. Again, half of the population doesn’t care about such statements. This is a serious threat and America will need to deal with this sometime one way or the other. Christianity, in comparison, is being assaulted in many fronts. Talks of hate laws covering what a pastor says in the pulpit has been a subject of probability. This should alarm America. I sense this doesn’t matter in America anymore……

An economy hovering around 8% unemployment has been the norm for America for around 40 months. Does nobody care? This should be an alarmist’s red flag to the American people. It isn’t! Maybe this is being accepted as the new America and handouts are, indeed, the new norm forever.

I have witnessed the school system failings. Everything has been turned around over the years. These failings have been absorbed into the college system as well. Communist and socialistic ideals have been key to a generation of indoctrination on every subject imaginable. These goals are actually listed in the Communist Manifesto…….

The media is complacent to these ideals lost over the last generations. One can easily see this by watching the political ideologies and personal  and political agendas being propagated as gospel truth without even blinking an eye. Distortion and slanting in the media is the norm. Lying is commonplace as well. The president has lied numerously. Videos before his first election and videos after his election clearly show what this man is capable of…lies!  Nobody seems to care! In my opinion, not stating a truth because the truth doesn’t fit into one’s agenda is the same as lying! But, who am I? I am a simple,common country boy who loves his country and the original concept’s of the founding. People of America today do not have a thought as to what living in a government controlled tyranny is like. A tyranny-laden government is capable of dismantling our Freedoms. This administration has tried to curtail anyone speaking against them several times. This included the internet too. I suspect, this administration will now begin another earnest attack on these issues………..

We have a Fast and Furious scandal and another over the murdering of those in Libya. Documentation has been discovered proving this administration has lied! Nobody, or at least, half of America shrugs this off as a positive thing.  Americans died in both scandals! Why?……………..

The United Nations will begin its last absorption of the United States. The goals of gun control will happen at an escalated pace. A treaty will be signed soon, now that the election has occurred. America’s sovereignty will suffer and a gradual decline will be the normal way as we head towards the New World Order of globalization……………

America is the big loser at this point. The moral and ethical decline has already begun. Now we have with the green light to continue with policies that would have been unimaginable a generation ago……………………….

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   I became  a little disgusted when I hadn’t heard any turkeys on the roost, possibly, due to the elevated truck noise. The clear, cold skies allowed for extra volume this morning. I heard something running in the leaves as I slowly approached the listening point. I first thought the turkeys may have been down  on the ground early, but, I heard something easily known to my ears. I heard the grunt of a buck chasing his “doe.”I could hear the rustling work along the side of the hill just out of my sight.

Frosty morning doe

I started a slow tour of calling and listening until I decided, once again, to exit to a quieter woods. Since, I didn’t need to worry about Bob this day, I elected to head a mile farther south along Cherry Run. One needs to go about a mile and a half to begin finding peace from the noise.

I started the ascension up the hill and began a walk and call hunt. While walking I spotted a red fox in a field. I was seeing a lot of deer here and there too. I didn’t see many squirrels this morning. The twenty degree temperature may have kept the little critters in the nest longer.

Red Fox

I was working a flat when I thought I heard a distant cluck in response to my turkey calling. I hesitated and called again and I, once again, heard that sound. Yes, the sound was definitely a turkey!

Those beautiful hills!

I quickly set up and began working the call only to hear the turkey become more vocal. After a few minutes I could tell the bird was moving in towards the calls I was making. Five minutes elapsed when I could see a turkey here approaching me. the briars and fallen tree limbs made seeing the bird difficult at times.

Little buck

The turkey walked into range, but not offering any chance of a shot due to the problems mentioned earlier. I could see the bird for a second or two before loosing sight for a second or two.

Adult hen

The turkey worked to my left and I followed it with the shotgun when safe to move the barrel. the bird stopped and I sensed it was become slightly nervous because she couldn’t see the turkey that had been making the calls. I waited and clucked and the bird turned some allowing for a shot through an opening between two trees. The thirty-five yard shot was accurate!

Cherry Run

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Praying Mantis egg case

I was placed deep into the woods and along a ridge hoping to hear some active roost talk.  All I heard was a great-horned owl and later squirrel activity. A pileated woodpecker raised a raucous too. The woods were void of any audible turkey talk. I say audible because of the breeze and distant truck traffic on Route 422 made hearing any  far off replies to my turkey calling strained. I could hear birds a couple of hundred yards at best unless I was on the lee side of a hill.


Gray squirrel

I began a walk and call plan checking favored feeding areas from past hunts. I did see a number of deer and a load of squirrels.  However, the negative aspects alluded to a decision. I needed to see some new acreage. Bob wasn’t out today so I headed for some turkey hunting grounds near my homestead.

Need the orange powder and this Cheesy will be ready for consumpation

I checked a great area for turkey habitat first. This side of the hill produced earlier sign from a day or so. Unfortunately, this side of the hill borders Route 422 too. You can imagine the truck traffic noise. I exited this side and began a trek through some difficult vegetation on the opposite side of the hill. I find it amazing how a few hundred yards can muff the sounds so well.

At this site, I saw more deer and watched a grouse fly out and land ahead. I found no turkey sign through this area.

Wild Grapes

I worked upslope to check a field for activity. Again, I saw deer! I walked across the field to call down and over a mature pine site. My mother had seen a small flock of turkeys below these pines on Saturday afternoon. I went to the top and changed course leaving a few hundred yards of pines unchecked.

I walked about a half mile or so over and across an old reclaimed strip mine. I remembered times of my youth hunting this mine when the trees were mature and filled with squirrels. Today, the area has various tree growth, high grasses and goldenrods. I was, pleasantly surprised to flush a woodcock. Crows and ravens were active father into the strip. I wondered what had their attention.

Don’t grab it! The Devil’s Walking Stick

Eventually, I turned back towards the earlier mentioned field and pines. I was heading towards my car and home. I had some errands to do later.

I could see my car from the field’s edge when I turned to enter the pines again at an area choked with vines and briars. I heard some steps! TURKEYS I THOUGHT!

Four birds exited the back side of this steep slope. I watched them cross a township road and soar off to the same area I was at when I first arrived to this hunting spot. I hurried back to the car and crossed the road and went towards where I thought the birds may have landed.

Stink Finger Fungus

I slowly walked down around looking for a set up site. The truck traffic was loud as before. I set up along a mowed- cut through the woods and began calling loudly. I could see a house several hundred yards out. This house was along Route 422.

Suddenly, I heard a dog bark and voices from the house. I began wondering if he could hear my calling. I elected to withdraw farther from the cut. Good move! Soon a figure of a man could be seen. He saw some orange and I waved at him prior to talking. He apologized for messing up my hunt. he had seen turkeys landing, but a red fox was, also viewed. He told me he was hoping to find the fox.                                                                                                                                                                

Anyway, after all of this, I chose to head to the car and home. I was feeling rather well, as far as, pains from the Saturday fall.

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I have been not keeping up with my journal entries very well. I feel I need to supply a brief summary of what has been happening. As you know, last Saturday I fell and injured myself trying to break up a flock of turkeys. I hurt my upper right arm and shoulder; my right hip; my left foot and ankle and,  the worse, are the aches and pinches around my left knee. I am mostly pain free with the exception of my hip and knee.

Last Sunday, I did play with three bands at the Armstrong County League of Arts at www.leagueofarts.org  and later attended a Bible study. Monday morning , despite the aggravations, I managed to be in the rainy and breezy turkey woods early. I was watching Hurricane Sandy.  The weather was predicted to produce heavier rain and higher winds, so I decided to ignore the pain and try to hunt some prior to the weather changes. I did see a lot of squirrels and deer, including some bucks, but the pains were intensifying and I became rather soaked. I decided to leave before noon. I was walking a gas line when I noticed a deer leg to my right in the crabapples. Shortly, I saw a glint of “horn”. I eased up and could see a 4-point buck. I watched him at 15 yards before he decided to lay down and chew his cud. Eventually, the winds changed and he smelled me prior to his escape. A doe on the gas line ran too.

Tuesday afternoon found me at State Game Lands 247 near Center Hill, Pennsylvania.  I saw some deer and one buck here too as I walked for about two hours before aborting the mission. On all of these excursions I have been seeing plenty of robins and other birdlife. I have, also, seen cedar waxwings and the first juncos of the season too.

Wednesday and Thursday found me resting my knee. I am,  maybe becoming smarter. (Don’t count on it!)

On Friday, Bob and I headed to Everett, Pennsylvania (Bedford County) to pick up the butchered red stags. I saw an all white hawk flying and landing in a tree while we were in transit. Lots of turkey vultures near Bedford.

Today, Bob and I entered the turkey woods. I set up to listen and call in the pre-dawn hours. As I walked along a ridge calling I heard a turkey across a big hollow. I set up hoping to call the turkey in….nothing! I went in the direction and later found smokin’ scratchings! Why I didn’t call at this point is a mystery to me.I guess I was hoping to walk in on the turks causing a breakup making for a good hunt for Bob. Ten minutes later, while walking, I saw several birds along the hill’s edge above me. I knew I had no chance to charge uphill. My asthma will not allow such exertion. I pretended I didn’t see the birds and circled coming, eventually to the top of the hill above where I had seen them. I could not locate the birds! I tamped all around even backtracking to where the scratchings were.

Look close-grouse

   I did see bucks including a fairly nice-racked buck. While walking I noticed a grouse setting on a limb among some vines. Just as I was focusing the bird flew. I did get an interesting photo as the grouse took flight.

I decided to work towards a round top. I walked into two gobblers. The big birds took flight, but no break was offered.

By noon the aches were becoming difficult in my knee and back so I elected to go home and rest some. Laurie and I were to go a friend’s birthday party, however, she hasn’t been feeling very well for the last several days. So Happy Birthday Brad!

Monday will find me out again, at least for a while!

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