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Studying The Word (Part 1)

The usual readings that appear within my entries are related to my outdoor exploits. Most often the reader will see brief stories of hunting; hiking; fishing; photography; wildlife, and the like. Other times one may see writings on my art, or the music I play. Occasionally, one might see an entry on historical interests, too. Today, however, I wish to enter words of a spiritual nature. Please, don’t quit reading! I urge you to continue on.

I have been seeking Biblical wisdom most of my life. Sure, I had lulls in my search, but I would always drift back into a search for knowledge. I have listened  to many theories; false TV ministers, and I have read much looking for truth. Most of the time I would eventually find any sources  either lacking, or outright false.

Many years ago, I first read the Bible, and over time I have read much of the Bible over, and over in study. I would write down any questions, or points of interests. In my youth, and teen, years I would question heard preachings to myself. I would think I wasn’t smart enough to understand, and wondered why. Later, I searched out my questions. I wouldn’t approach anyone to ask the question in most cases. This is the biggest mistake to so many, otherwise believers.

There is a difference between reading the Bible, and studying the words. The first key of success was to throw aside pre-conceived, or previously taught messages. This is important! Scripture. soon, began to come together, and WOW!

So often, what one reads in scripture, and what one has always heard may find contradictions. Let’s face it, a short sermon on Sunday mornings can not go far with Biblical understandings.  One needs to read the transition of the Bible for oneself.

I believe, most church goers tend to think everything within those pages is directed towards those who profess to be part of Christianity. NOT TRUE!

Jesus’ words in the first four books of the New Testament were directed to the Jewish people only. Yeah, I know you, probably, have never heard this before. Paul wrote in Romans 15:8, that Jesus’ purpose was to be a minister, or servant to the circumcised as directed through the prophecies of old. The “circumcised” in scripture are the law-keeping JEWS! Anywhere, you read of the “uncircumcised” you will be reading of the Gentiles, and not the Jews! This is so important! Jesus was born into the Jewish, law-keeping, religion. Jesus practiced Jewish law; feast and Jewish holy days; circumcision; Friday evening-Saturday Sabbath; temple worship, and much more.

Jesus came to the world to offer himself as the Messiah, or King to the Jews to fulfill Old Testament prophecy. The Roman leader, Pilate actually placed the sign on the cross stating Jesus was the, “KING OF THE JEWS.” Jesus, also, offered the Jews their prophesied kingdom. Just go through scripture, and underline every time you see words of the kingdom. You’ll be amazed! Also, Jesus’ disciples were to rule in the kingdom over the TWELVE TRIBES OF ISRAEL! You can read this in Matthew 19: 28. Notice the Jewish language!

Do you need more proof?  In Matthew 10: 5-7, Jesus told the disciples to do what? He said to NOT go to the Samaritans, or Gentiles, but only to the LOST SHEEP OF HOUSE OF ISRAEL! (Jews) Samaritans were Jews who had intermarried with Gentiles. He continued to preach that the kingdom was at hand. If the Nation of Israel would have believed, and accepted who Jesus was they would have had their King, and kingdom. This is the gospel of the kingdom to believe who Jesus was. Israel rejected this truth, during Christ’s ministry on earth, and for approximately forty years after the cross. This failure to the nation of Israel to believe would lead to the 70 A.D. destruction of the nation by the Romans.

Do you want another truth? Check out Matthew 15: 21-28. Here a Canaanite (Gentile) woman approached Christ begging for her daughter to be healed. Jesus ignored her. She continued after him. Christ finally answered her stating  that,  HE WAS SENT ONLY TO THE LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL!!!  He added that it wasn’t FAIR  TO TAKE THE CHILDREN’S (ISRAEL) BREAD, AND THROW IT TO THE DOGS!!! (The Jews often called the Gentiles dogs, or heathens, at this time.) The woman said that even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall off of the master’s table!!!  Jesus healed the daughter because of the woman’s faith. Examples of Christ dealing with Gentiles are very, very  few.

Due to Israel’s failure to BELIEVE who Jesus was, the risen Christ revealed a different gospel to the man who was to be called Paul, the Apostle to the what?  THE GENTILES! The other disciples were the Apostles to the Jews. Are you seeing the difference?  The new message to the Gentiles is the GOSPEL OF GRACE!

This is where we are today in the overall plan of redemption of mankind. The Gospel of the Kingdom will, soon be presented to the Jews. (Israel became a nation in 1948. How many countries, and peoples once destroyed come back into existence again? I know of none, but Israel! In 1967, the Jews gained control of Jerusalem again! WOW!)

Part two will be entered in the future. I will discuss how to understand the Bible messages! Understanding isn’t hard at all!

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DSC_0004Last week, I went for a limited stroll along Buffalo Creek near Beatty’s Mill. This was a mill of times past, south of Worthington,      Pennsylvania. I walked carefully as my knee is still I the mending stage of the healing. Of course that means walking softly on any rocks, and embankmentsDSC_0002DSC_0013

I saw some gobblers in a distant field as I traveled to the site. Later, I would see a flock of young turkeys. I hastily tried to get a photo or two, but the speed of the birds caused for some blurred pics.

DSC_0011   The morning was comfortable in regards to the temperature. Mid-morning found a sharp rise in the heat, and humidity.

Buffalo Creek flows across more than half of Armstrong County before emerging into the Allegheny River at Freeport, Pennsylvania. The stream is a beauty of a waterways. Much of the stream is stocked annually with trout. This time of the year trout are few in numbers. However, carp can be viewed in places. I have crept along the shoreline to catch them. they average around 15 to 20 inches.                                   DSC_0019

I saw a couple of deer walking across the  creek at two different places.DSC_0002This morning I was going to visit my sister. I allowed extra time to walk in, and around   DSC_0004Redmill Creek near Sunnyside, Pennsylvania. This stream is, also, a beautiful waterway that flows into Cowanshannock Creek. However, compared to buffalo creek this water source is much smaller in, both, depth and width.                      DSC_0005

I saw three deer along the bottomland brush, as I looked for a few photo opportunities. There are big sycamore trees here, and there. The size usually makes for interesting stream photos.

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